Sunday, July 21, 2013

Next stop? --> MILAN!

This blog is a continuation of my "Adventures from Vietnam" blog, which I've been keeping for over two years now.

Due to a reduction of force in the school district where I was teaching just north of Denver... my position was terminated in budget cuts the spring of 2011.

Without a job... and without much holding me to Denver, CO (other than my love for that city!), I decided to focus on moving abroad to continue my career as a Teacher-Librarian.

Now... more than two years later... I have recently landed in Denver, CO for a summer visit (also to my hometown in Upstate New York)... after living, teaching, and adventuring in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

When the end of my contract in Vietnam was getting near, I attended a job fair for international schools/teachers in London... which is where I signed up for my next big adventure!

Next month I will be moving to Milan, Italy... for a 3-year teaching contract at the American School of Milan. I'm pretty stoked!

From what I know about the school... my position... and the city, I think I will love it. I hope to want to stay longer than the initial 3 years I'm signed on for... but we'll see!

For now... I'm still in the process of obtaining my work visa (I'll be making a trip to Chicago soon for the Italian Consulate General)... and really, I'm happy to live life along the way step-by-step.

It was great to keep the blog going while in Vietnam... and I've created this one so that the URL isn't specific to the country... I've found that keeping a blog has made the distance of being abroad seem not quite so far (until I don't have Internet access) and my friends/family can come along on the journey with me if they'd like. It's been pretty cool to see so many others check into my blog here or there... so hopefully this one continues!

...Let's begin!

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