Sunday, July 26, 2015

more from Torino

I mentioned in my previous post how beautiful Torino is... so I'm sharing some more photos   : )   because, basically, I traveled to Torino for one night with just my camera and some cash! (Kidding... but that's pretty much about it.)

I enjoy living in Milano and the special energy that the city has. Torino also have a certain energy to it - different from Milano. Funny now to think how I interviewed with international schools in both Milano and Torino. During my recent visit to Torino, I thought of how I could have been very happy in that city as well. The schools and librarian positions seemed very different from one another and I'm incredibly happy where I currently am but it was interesting to see what could have been. Each choice in life can change so many things for the future.

Walking through Torino was my favorite. Just walking and seeing...

Cute outdoor seating for a cafe:

Another cute outdoor cafe area - literally IN the street:

I read about a really nice arcade in Turino and decided that it was worth seeking out.
Galleria Subalpina really is gorgeous:

AND within Galleria Subalpina is a bookshop! 
La Casa del Libro -- The House of the Book

In the evening, I hiked up to Monte dei Cappuccini (with the Santa Maria di Monte church) to get the view shown below of the Mole Antonelliana... as well as the rest of Torino. Gorgeous!

The Mole Antonelliana is a major landmark in Torino. It was built in the mid-1800's as a synagogue but today is a museum -- the tallest museum in the world! The structure is beautiful and towers over the rest of the city. I was delivered a bonus once I reached the summit, as there was a hot air balloon also enjoying the scenery (seen to the left of the Mole Antonelliana above).

Torino Train Trip

Before moving to my new apartment, I took a train trip to Torino (Turin). It is less than an hour's train ride from Milan and it was my first time to this beautiful city. I spent the better part of two days in the city and enjoyed walking and taking many photos between coffees.   : )

Not only did Torino hold the 2006 Winter Olympics but this city was also Italy's first capital AND home to the royal family in the mid-1800's (Turin - Wikipedia).

Palazzo Castello with the Royal Palace straight ahead:

Also in Palazzo Castello -- Palazzo Madama:

These beautiful arch-covered walkways are throughout much of Torino.
I've seen a few places online that say Torino is one of the most portico-covered cities in the world!

One of my favorite photos: Italian and so romantic.     : )

I really, really enjoyed my time in Torino. The city is historic and beautiful to walk through -- amazing sights just kept coming!

Saturday, July 25, 2015


After two years of living in the cute, small town of Opera - a municipality of Milan, I have moved to a new apartment in the city! I will miss many things about Opera - perhaps mostly the bike ride to and from work through fields of risotto and corn. I am very ready, though, for an adventure in the city. I am still a bit further south from the very center of the city than I would like to be BUT the apartment that I found ticks most of the things on my 'want' list. It's a great space and after being here for a bit over one week, it already feels like Home.   : )   Here are some pictures of my open-space loft apartment:

The "bedroom" with lots of storage space behind the blinds:

AND there's a walk-in closet!!! A dream.

I never thought I would have a closet spacious enough to hang artwork in!   : P

I really like the way this building is designed. It is rather new - about 2 or 3 years old. Looking at the first photo above, there is a small hallway when entering the apartment. On one side is the bathroom and the other side is the walk-in closet. Above that area is where the bed and storage space is. The rest of the apartment is one large open space with a high ceiling. I also really love the large windows with sliding doors.   : )

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Denver friends in townm

Eleanor and Kevin are friends of mine from Denver. They are stellar people and a stellar couple. I was happy to be able to spend a couple days with them in Milan. It was their first time here and we enjoyed a beautiful weekend around the city!

Of course we began their visit in Milan with panzerotti from Luini's

Lovely couple  : )

Visiting the Prada Foundation
and Bar Luce - the 60's style Milanese cafe designed by Wes Anderson

Mmmmm cookies at the market along the Navigli canals

Walking along Ticinese

Such a beautiful day to go atop a cathedral!

Eleanor... just walking along the roof of the Duomo   : )

Thursday, July 2, 2015

that day I hid in the book return bin

Why had I not thought of doing this earlier?!

Somehow, I came up with the idea of crawling into the library book return bin. As an elementary class of students returned their library books, I popped the books back out! Hilarious fun.

I'm ready!

Having 'serious' conversations with Zamira.

Another randomly fun thing that came up was sewing a hole closed on a student's backpack.
He was so happy with the result that he had me do another one a few weeks later!
Apparently I'm a librarian of many trades  :P

Participating in the teacher vs. student tug-of-war competition during Spirit Week:
*Yes, teachers won  : )

My parents gave me the Lego Librarian for Christmas! She's a hit in the ASM Library.

more school fun - IB Art Show

The senior students that took IB Art in 11th and 12th grades showcase their work from the past two years in the IB Art Show set up in the school's atrium each year. I really enjoy seeing the students' work. It's great to see how talented these young adults are and how each person's personality shines through in their set of work. This year's show was exceptional.

I want one of these necklaces that she made!

The stories and personal meanings integrated into this piece below were really fantastic. The artist created this about his two closest friends.

This girl's entire collection was book-themed. I loved it!
She was so cute when she told me about it and borrowed the books to go with her pieces.