Tuesday, December 31, 2013

more viewin' from Sagrada Familia - Barcelona

Lookey what I found in the stairwell on the way down!  <3 Italia!

Narrow, graffiti'd stairwell on the way back down...

Let me out! Hehehe...

view from atop the Nativity facade - Sagrada Familia - Barcelona

The trip to the top of the Nativity facade on La Sagrada Familia was well worth the ticket purchase. The views were great, even on the cloudy morning.

Below, you can see the Torre Agbar... the tower near our hotel:

Looking out one of the windows on the way down:

The fruit toppers on the pillars cracked us up!

inside La Sagrada Familia - Barcelona

The inside of Sagrada Familia is amazingly beautiful. ...and huge!

Carvings on the main doors:

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

stained glass in La Sagrada Familia - Barcelona

The stained glass within La Sagrada Familia is amazing. They are huge... detailed... and gorgeous.

audio tour at La Sagrada Familia - Barcelona

The audio tour of the cathedral, La Sagrada Familia, was well done. There were 14 or so spots in and around the church that told about the design and meaning.

Two photos... "Same-same... but different!"

Passion Facade, Sagrada Familia - Barcelona

There will be 3 main facades to the cathedral, La Sagrada Familia. The side directly opposite the Nativity facade is the Passion facade. This side is much more dramatic and sad as compared to the Nativity facade, which is much happier and more positive.

The entrance to go inside the cathedral is on the Passion facade side.

There are cranes and scaffolding all around the cathedral as construction continues... amazing to have a community project like that, where the builders will put life work into this amazing structure and know that they might never live to see its completion.

Passion facade:

A draft replica of what the completed cathedral will look like (hopefully by the year 2026):

More of the Passion facade:

Sagrada Familia - Barcelona, Spain

La Sagrada Familia is a large Roman Catholic cathedral in Barcelona, Spain. The construction of the cathedral began in 1882 but is not projected to be completed until the year 2026. Gaudi is the main architect and designer behind this massive beaut. Gaudi has many buildings of his design throughout Barcelona... homes, museums, and even a park.

More can be read about La Sagrada Familia on its Wikipedia page by clicking here.

Carrie and I went to visit La Sagrada Familia one morning and she purchased tickets for us online ahead of time to go up to the top of one side... we went up the top of the Nativity facade. It was well worth the elevator ride up top and the narrowly winding staircase down... the views were phenomenal and so is this structure.

Our first view of Sagrada Familia walking up the street:

The Nativity facade:

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

street art - Barcelona, Spain

And now (from the previous post...), here are some photos of my favorite street art that I saw around Barcelona -->

My most favorite:

street graffiti - Barcelona, Spain

I enjoyed walking around Barcelona and looking at all of the graffiti on buildings. There was plenty of street art, which was well done and beautiful... but the photos below are more simply graffiti (still interesting to look at... but I'm not sure it is necessary to do so on buildings)...

Ha - you can see me (and the camera) in this next one -->