Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Columbus' steps

The Sandeman's Free Tour in Barcelona was wonderful. The guide gave a lot of information... in an interesting way... and it was fairly simple to understand and follow along.

The problem for me... is that he gave a LOT of information... I did not take any notes, other than photos... soooooo I don't remember a lot of specifics.

But I DO remember that Christopher Columbus climbed THESE steps [see photo below] when he returned to Spain and brought potatoes to the Queen (...or at least that's the our guide said...)

The square had a lot of other important things going on... one of which I remember is that hangings took place here... 

Oh, and the corners of this building were built like shown below... so that the water collected and then went along the sides and out of the gargoyles mouths (you can see two of the gargoyles in the photo below as well)...

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