Monday, December 9, 2013

first night in Barcelona, Spain

My first trip traveling in Europe was a success! Barcelona is a beautiful city with so much to do.

I've been playing catch-up at work since arriving back in Milan a week ago... but am not getting around to my photos from the trip and posting about them here.

Carrie (the technology integrationist in the elementary school) and I arrived in Barcelona late afternoon. The flight was under an hour and a half... and beautiful... flying along the Alps!

After checking into the hotel we went for an early, small meal of tapas... sharing guacamole (SO fresh and delicious!) and empanadas... Yes, please!

The guacamole was super simple... and super lime-y. Mmmhmmm.

From there, we went into the central part of the city and walked around for a bit. ...THEN we went for a late, small meal of tapas... perrrrrfect.

I don't remember what this dish above was... other than delicious! 
...We also had a spicy, cheesy hummus, which was amazing as well.

This place was nice AND we ran into Angela, another teacher from school! Angela moved to Milan from Barcelona, where she lived and taught for 3 years. She was back for the weekend.

...The long weekend was off to a great start.   : )

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  1. I think it was something with goat cheese and avocado? Does that sound right? Thanks for linking my blog in! : )