Friday, February 28, 2014

FAVORITES day 4 - Vienna

Below are my favorite photos from Day 4 of my time in Vienna...

traditional Viennese Sachertorte with cream at Cafe Ritter

tiled roof of Stephansdom (St. Stephen's Cathedral) on a blue, blue day   : )

inside Stephansdom

how to win at busking

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Schonbrunn Palace - Vienna

Elizabeth and I headed out to see Schonbrunn Palace during my last full day in Vienna.

We ended up not paying to go inside (you even need a ticket to be able to walk through the gardens)... but we did explore what we could... and even found out that there is a nightly orchestra that plays in a grand ballroom AND even polka music is included! Next time I visit... we plan on making a night of that!   : )

The Schonbrunn Palace is still in the city of Vienna but some distance from the center of the city. This was the Habsburg royal family's summer residence of choice... while they spent the rest of the year at the Hofburg Palace in the center of the city.

The entrance:


Looking out onto the garden area:

I liked the floors!

In der Burg Square - Vienna

Within the Hofburg Palace grounds there is a square called In der Burg...

Vince, checking things out:

Vince, going to visit the statue of what I think is Leopold:

Hofburg Palace - Vienna

The Hofburg Palace in Vienna was traditionally the winter residence of the Habsburg family, while the Schonbrunn Palace was their summer choice.

Vince in front of the palace:

Ancient Roman Ruins... and looking out from the palace:

Horse-drawn carriages lined up here... as well as at Stephansdom (the cathedral):

Graben (trench) - Vienna

The Graben, just off of Stephansplatz (with the cathedral) is a main street in Vienna... and was once a trench in front of the medieval city walls. The trench was filled in and leveled around the late 13th century (using money that was Richard the Lionheart's ransom!). Trench in German is Graben... and this name still stands today.

Today, the Graben is a main street in the center of the city... lined with fancy shopping stores, souvenir shops, and restaurants.

 St. Leopold Fountain / Lion Fountain

Baroque Plague Column - Pestsaule

Peterskirche (St. Peter's Church), just off the Graben:

Same church, different view:

New meets old at one end of the Graben, in the Stephansplatz square.
The curved glass building is called the Haas Haus and opened in 1990.

Stephansdom (St. Stephen's Cathedral) - Vienna

After dropping my bag at Vince and Elizabeth's place and saying hi to the doggies, Pancho and Bonita, Vince and I went to the center of the city to walk around and explore.

We got off the red line of the metro at the Stephansplatz stop... and walking up the steps from the underground, we were greeted with a stunning view of Stephansdom, or... St. Stephen's Cathedral.

Below are photos from my 3rd day in Vienna... it is still beautiful weather temperature-wise... but not the brilliant blue sky anymore. Still? --> ...this city is gorgeous.

The cathedral has over 200,000 tiles, creating a beautiful pattern on the roof.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Vienna's street art and advertising

All taken around the Naschmarkt area, the photos below are some of my favorite street art and advertising finds:


Day 2 spent walking around and enjoying Vienna was... GREAT! Beautiful city, beautiful weather, and lots of laughs. Vince and I are enjoying the time together... and Elizabeth and I had a fun time going to dinner last night at the Rathaus.

Below are some of my favorite photos from the day's adventures:

The Majolikahaus in Vienna is one of the two Wagner Apartments, located near the Naschmarkt. Beautifully tiled detailing covers the facade.

Mmmmm. Naschmarkt goods.

The top of awesome Phil Cafe.

<3 Vienna.


I'll post more about my time in Vienna over the next few days or so... but first will share my very favorite photos from yesterday taken while walking around the city  : )