Friday, February 21, 2014

Night 1 in Prague

Well... I figure that I might as well continue with posting about Prague while I am here... and I will get back to the Christmas travels after that.

Day 1 of the conference went well and then I headed into the city for the evening.

I know a few people at this conference! It is truly amazing how small the network of international schools is.

Nathalie and Jaye are both at this conference and we taught at the same school in Vietnam. Jaye was the head librarian my first year and is now one of the librarians at the International School of Prague (where the conference is being held!). Nathalie, like Jaye, was also based at the high school campus in Vietnam and she now lives and teaches in Spain.

Nathalie and I also ran into each other in Phu Quoc when I was there with Tracy toward the end of my time in Vietnam.

I knew that the two of them would be here... but THEN... as I set my things down at a desk yesterday morning to begin, a woman came up to me and said hello. She then said she is Kerrie. ..."The Kerrie." I didn't understand (I felt bad and bewildered!).

Turns out - she is someone that I have been in communication with through email since last spring! Another friend of mine from Vietnam - Angela... she is a librarian at another international school in Saigon, put me into touch with Kerrie once I was hired at ASM in Milan. Kerrie and Angela know one another from their time living and teaching in Hong Kong. They are both Australian and Kerrie used to teach at ASM! Small, small world.

Funny enough - the leader of our session sat us by experience as a Teacher-Librarian, to mix us up... and I'm sitting next to Kerrie!

Ok - to move on to the evening though... Nathalie and I went into the center of the city and met up with Jaye. We walked around a bit and grabbed some dinner at a lovely bar/cafe.

We were in the Old Town area... lovely! The buildings are all gorgeous. We saw the astronomical clock tower and the Old Town Square. We even grabbed some delicious mulled wine ( first time trying it and I like it!)

Now for some photos...   : )

Mulled wine and kielbasa tents!

Jaye, Nathalie, and myself (clock tower behind us)

Old Town Square:

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