Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Yesterday I arrived in the amazing city of Vienna. Wow. What a GREAT past week it's been... and another great one to come ahead.

The conference in Prague was good... the city was amazing... and now I am visiting two good friends, Vince and Elizabeth. I worked with Vince and E in Vietnam... and have taken a couple travel trips with Elizabeth (she also really helped me get through some tough instances last school year in Vietnam).

I arrived yesterday morning to find Vince walking with the two doggies and pure blue-sky sunshine overhead.   : )  Perrrrfect.

Elizabeth is working all week but Vince and I went into the city to walk around, see the sights, and grab some lunch. This city is another great one!

Later on, we met up with Elizabeth back at the apartment and went out for dinner.

...A great Day 1 in Vienna, Austria!

Bonita and Pancho!

The views from E and Vince's apartment:

There are 3 taller buildings in the center of the photo below... those are the UN buildings here in Vienna.

The ferris wheel that can be seen below is a giant wooden ferris wheel that was built just before 1900 and is part of a large amusement park in the city.
The ferris wheel is called Wiener Reisenrad.

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