Friday, February 21, 2014

Night 2 in Prague

After Day 2 of the conference, Jaye took Nathalie and I by her apartment. It is GORGEOUS! A cute loft apartment in a quiet neighborhood with easy access to the tram and bus... and windows, wood galore inside.

We walked down an Indian restaurant and had our fill. Mmmmmm. I know there is Indian food available in Milan... but it is expensive to eat out and the flavors aren't nearly as amazing as those in Indian food that I had in Vietnam on a weekly basis. It was so nice to sit, chat, and eat amazing food.

From there, we took the 22 tram down to a city metro stop... the ride was great. We drove past the Prague Castle with cathedral (St. Vitus Cathedral) housed inside the grounds. It is a stunning view from the outside.

I have read that the Prague Castle is the largest ancient castle in the world! (Read more here...)

(The only decent photo that I nabbed of the castle...)

Random pretty view of something pretty:

We walked up about half a block from the tram stop to have a view of the Charles Bridge, which I hope to get back to... to walk across and do a bit of shopping in the area.

This city is beautiful. The buildings, the detail, the feeling... I love it.

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