Sunday, February 23, 2014

daytime Prague

Wow. The weather has been unbelievable since arriving in Prague. Thankfully!

I guess the winters here are usually cold and gray.

Well - there has been sunshine, blue skies... and yesterday I didn't even wear a jacket! A sweater was enough... and after the sun went down, I added a scarf and some knit mittens.

I love this city. It is gorgeous, the food is yummy, and not only is the city walkable... but the public transport system is great as well. It took a bus and a metro ride to get to the center of the city - super easy.

Yesterday the conference ended mid-day and I was able to get into the city with Jaye and Nathalie during the daylight hours! Yes!

Walking around, I really loved the variety of colors among the buildings -- often with the red roof, decorated with amazing details, and set in rows side-by-side.

In the Old Town Square:

Other side of Old Town Square:

At one end of Charles Bridge:

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