Sunday, February 23, 2014

Tower Babies - Prague

While having lunch on the rooftop balcony, Jaye pointed out a tower that looked quiet out of place in the city... she had me take a photo of it and zoom in...

...and you can see BABIES climbing up the tower! Hahaha. Truly. (See if you can spot the crawling babies in the 2nd photo below.)

Jaye told us that there had been a contest for a sculpture on the tower (I think)... David Cerny's plan for 10 crawling babies won... and then they were so popular, this temporary installation became permanent. (I pretty much love that!)

There are more of these babies (on the ground) at Museum Kampa.

Below, Nathalie is giving one a kiss (...but their faces are quiet weird from the front - as they are non-existent... except for a vertical rectangle...)

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