Wednesday, February 19, 2014

PRAGUE - first impressions...

I have arrived in Prague.

Never have I thought I would be in the Czech Republic but I am very excited for this adventure!

...First impressions so far (I have been in this country for about an hour now) --> I chose to bypass a taxi from the airport and took the adventure of public transport instead, as the conference directions said it is very easy to make it to the hotel. (Have I not learned my lesson from Bangkok?!)

This was maybe (probably!) not the best idea after dark, in a place that I do not know at all nor do I speak the language...

The bus comes to the end of the line (which had at least been my plan) and I find that I am dropped off in the middle of a construction site. Truly -- I walked across some planks over massive holes (that used to be a street) to get to the other side of the road... which is then just dirt alongside a fence hiding, what I assume is, more construction work.

The lady that sold me the bus ticket had kindly called me 'Madame'... while the taxi driver that I ended up grabbing a ride from (not so) kindly said to me, "No English please." (I had asked him where the meter was...)

I am now in the hotel room, which is lovely.  : )  Let the trip begin!

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