Saturday, February 8, 2014

Pompeii's dogs

I read a sign on our way into Pompeii, warning visitors of the dogs within Pompeii.

Sure enough, we saw doggies around all day. I loved it! For the most part, the dogs were calm and kept to themselves... soaking up the day's sunshine.

My brother, Sean, read about the Italian government supporting these stray dogs... putting chips in them to be able to track them and trying to make sure that they have enough food and are safe. I really like that idea and the care shown for these animals. I found an article from NY Times about Pompeii's dogs... back from 2010, but interesting nonetheless. Click here to read this article.

These dogs were some of the more energetic that we saw during the day.
(...Even allowing visitors to pet them.)

The House of the Tragic Poet - doorway mosaic dog:

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