Saturday, July 25, 2015


After two years of living in the cute, small town of Opera - a municipality of Milan, I have moved to a new apartment in the city! I will miss many things about Opera - perhaps mostly the bike ride to and from work through fields of risotto and corn. I am very ready, though, for an adventure in the city. I am still a bit further south from the very center of the city than I would like to be BUT the apartment that I found ticks most of the things on my 'want' list. It's a great space and after being here for a bit over one week, it already feels like Home.   : )   Here are some pictures of my open-space loft apartment:

The "bedroom" with lots of storage space behind the blinds:

AND there's a walk-in closet!!! A dream.

I never thought I would have a closet spacious enough to hang artwork in!   : P

I really like the way this building is designed. It is rather new - about 2 or 3 years old. Looking at the first photo above, there is a small hallway when entering the apartment. On one side is the bathroom and the other side is the walk-in closet. Above that area is where the bed and storage space is. The rest of the apartment is one large open space with a high ceiling. I also really love the large windows with sliding doors.   : )

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  1. Great pictures! Really cute apartment. Very different from the apartments in the states. Thanks for sharing the pics. I'll be moving there soon for a few months and want to know as much about the environment as I can find.