Sunday, July 26, 2015

more from Torino

I mentioned in my previous post how beautiful Torino is... so I'm sharing some more photos   : )   because, basically, I traveled to Torino for one night with just my camera and some cash! (Kidding... but that's pretty much about it.)

I enjoy living in Milano and the special energy that the city has. Torino also have a certain energy to it - different from Milano. Funny now to think how I interviewed with international schools in both Milano and Torino. During my recent visit to Torino, I thought of how I could have been very happy in that city as well. The schools and librarian positions seemed very different from one another and I'm incredibly happy where I currently am but it was interesting to see what could have been. Each choice in life can change so many things for the future.

Walking through Torino was my favorite. Just walking and seeing...

Cute outdoor seating for a cafe:

Another cute outdoor cafe area - literally IN the street:

I read about a really nice arcade in Turino and decided that it was worth seeking out.
Galleria Subalpina really is gorgeous:

AND within Galleria Subalpina is a bookshop! 
La Casa del Libro -- The House of the Book

In the evening, I hiked up to Monte dei Cappuccini (with the Santa Maria di Monte church) to get the view shown below of the Mole Antonelliana... as well as the rest of Torino. Gorgeous!

The Mole Antonelliana is a major landmark in Torino. It was built in the mid-1800's as a synagogue but today is a museum -- the tallest museum in the world! The structure is beautiful and towers over the rest of the city. I was delivered a bonus once I reached the summit, as there was a hot air balloon also enjoying the scenery (seen to the left of the Mole Antonelliana above).

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