Wednesday, August 12, 2015

snickety snack

I've decided to join a gym in Milan. Well... try to join a gym!

The first gym that I went to this morning had a calendar posted on the [closed] front gate, showing the decreased hours for August... aaaaand at the bottom of the sign it said that they are fully closed for 'ferie' (holiday) from August 9th through the 16th. Darn it!

I then walked back, past my apartment building, to another gym that I'm considering. This gym, I couldn't figure out how to get into! I figure that this one is probably also currently closed but I'm not sure if maybe I had to ring a bell to be buzzed in, or if the entrance is down the ramp for cars or the door next to that.

Soooo... not exactly successful in what I set out for today. But after all of the walking in 90+ degree heat, I decided I could use a snack.

Instead of joining a gym this morning, I ate a lovely croissant filled with cream.

Milan is a city that pretty much shuts down the month of August as most Milanese take a vacation on the seaside to escape the heat of the city. Apparently the gyms are part of the closures.

Noted.    : P

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