Sunday, July 26, 2015

Torino Train Trip

Before moving to my new apartment, I took a train trip to Torino (Turin). It is less than an hour's train ride from Milan and it was my first time to this beautiful city. I spent the better part of two days in the city and enjoyed walking and taking many photos between coffees.   : )

Not only did Torino hold the 2006 Winter Olympics but this city was also Italy's first capital AND home to the royal family in the mid-1800's (Turin - Wikipedia).

Palazzo Castello with the Royal Palace straight ahead:

Also in Palazzo Castello -- Palazzo Madama:

These beautiful arch-covered walkways are throughout much of Torino.
I've seen a few places online that say Torino is one of the most portico-covered cities in the world!

One of my favorite photos: Italian and so romantic.     : )

I really, really enjoyed my time in Torino. The city is historic and beautiful to walk through -- amazing sights just kept coming!

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