Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Amalfi, Italy!

From Positano, we hopped back on the public bus and continued the coastal ride to the town of Amalfi. If we had planned to stay a night or two along the Amalfi Coast, I would definitely choose to stay in Positano over Amalfi - but it was a cute town to walk around.

The Amalfi Cathedral is really cool. The cathedral kind of pops out from around a corner once you walk into the central square... and then you walk a bit more until you see the entire front and the details. I loved the dramatic effect and unveiling from the direction that we happened to walk in from.

The buildings around the square where we ate lunch:

Amalfi's Cathedral:

Fish market:

We stopped in a cute bakery/cafe for cappuccinos... 
Which, come to find out when we paid, were triple the cost of anywhere else we've seen in Italy!

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