Saturday, October 25, 2014


Wow... it has been almost a month since I've posted. Life has been busy lately!

I have had my mom visit me in Milan (we went on a day-trip to Switzerland!), then we presented at a conference in Belgium together, and after that, I went on a week-long field trip with 11th graders to Berlin! Since returning from Berlin about 3 weeks ago, I have been playing catch-up and keeping busy at work. Things are going well... but now it's time to catch them up here! (Photos and notes about the travels coming soon...)

To begin for today, I will post my daily thankfuls, which a friend of mine nominated I do through Facebook. I posted 5 thankfuls for 5 days (a couple weeks ago). This proved to be a great focus and time of reflection.

Monday Thankfuls... 1. Morning coffee with the homemade pumpkin spice mix that my mom made when she was recently in town. 2. Catching up with good friends at school after not seeing them for over a week. 3. Seeing the students, whom I just bonded with for a week in Berlin, back at school and having something to forever share from here on out. 4. Starting a new novel this evening while sitting in the vintage reading chair from my grandma. 5. Crawling into bed before 9:00pm.

Tuesday Thankfuls... 1. Riding my bicycle to work. 2. Riding my bicycle to work through a cornfield. 3. Starting the work day with a group at the 'coffee nook'. 4. Riding home in the rain - channeling Mary Poppins... bicycle-with-umbrella style. 5. Seeing as how three of today's five thankfuls already include my bicycle... I'm very thankful for my bicycle.

Wednesday Thankfuls... 1. Being just cold enough outside to wear my slippers inside. 2. Piera's snacks before a meeting. 3. A student raving about how good the second Gregor book is. 4. Finding two chocolates in my purse. 5. Still having decaf coffee from Kathmandu.

Thursday Thankfuls… 1. “Coffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffee.” 2. Trying something new and feeling as if it worked. 3. Walter Frederick Morrison – for inventing the Frisbee. (And throwing around for a few minutes after school today.) 4. Last-minute pizza date with the lovely Jesye. 5. Laughing, singing, and catching up with a good friend.

Friday Thankfuls… 1.Cardigans. 2. An upcoming trip to IKEA. 3. Aperitivo. 4. The Friday eve of a 3-day weekend. 5. Weekends at home.

I'm also including a few lovely sunset photos, because I have been enjoying the clear weather and colorful evenings here lately!

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