Sunday, September 20, 2015

Il Vecchio Maneggio - Agriturismo

After our time in Siena, the bus took our tour group into the hillsides of Tuscany. Gooooorgeous!

We stopped at an organic farm, which was part of where we were going to have lunch. There were vineyards, cows, honeybees, and more.

You can see San Gimignano across the way! (Our next stop.)

Me and mom at lunch:

Although I don't have pictures of our lunch, it was great! We were impressed. Our tour group was probably about 60 people and we all fit in one room. The food was ready and came out quickly. We could have second helpings... and thirds... as much as we wanted!

The starter was my favorite... plates of bread, cheeses, and a couple different kinds of honey were passed. (That could have been my entire meal!)

We also had pasta, coldcuts, and lunch included 3 or 4 different types of wine. EVERYTHING is made locally on this farm. That is the basis of an agriturismo -- everything you eat is made on that farm, or at least locally.

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