Sunday, December 6, 2015

Where's the respect??

Layered and buttoned up for the winter weather this afternoon, I hopped on a bus for two stops since the bus' timing was perfect.

A man that got on at the same time began talking to me. I told him that I don't speak much Italian. Turns out, we got off the bus at the same stop. He hurried to catch up to me and kept trying to talk to me and ask me questions. ...Do you have a husband? ...A boyfriend? ...Why not?!

He asked me to go for a coffee with him, to which my answer was, "No." I then said goodbye to him (for the second time) and crossed the street at the upcoming crosswalk. THE GUY FOLLOWED ME. I was trying to be nice but seriously should have told him at that point to go away.

He continued talking to me and I continued telling him that I do not understand... I do not speak Italian. Thankfully, I veered away from him to go towards my building and once again said goodbye to the guy. At that point, he asked in Italian if he could "service me" and then followed up with one English word, "Sex?"

SERIOUSLY?! Has that ever worked?!


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