Friday, March 4, 2016

First Stop Back in Denver - The LIBRARY!

My first stop once reaching Denver is usually one of two things: a trip to the public library to pick up my books on hold OR a meal at Benny's for Mexican food! My Denver trip around the New Year turned out to be the library first. I usually go through my list of To-Read books and put as many as I can on hold at the library one week before going home (that's how long they'll let them sit on the shelf before moving them on again). I love going in and having a huge pile of new books waiting for me. -- Especially since living abroad and not having the ease of access to new English books like I do when I'm in the States.

My almost-annual library book picture with Koura! THIS means I'm HOME.    : D

Koura was pretty worn out from our major road trip and lost interest in my library books pretty quickly.

I make daily trips to the library. One of the days I sat for a while and read through some of the newer picture books that I've seen good reviews on:

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