Friday, February 6, 2015

email to students and staff at ASM yesterday...

Subject: BLIND DATE...

[begin email]


Fall in love with a good book -- just in time for Valentine's Day... 

Come by the Library anytime next week to mysteriously choose a book based on only a few clues. ...You might end up falling in love!

Good reasons to do so:
  • Blind dates usually aren't fun... but this kind is!
  • Have a date with a good book! (...whether you have a real date for Valentine's Day or not).
  • Who doesn't enjoy unwrapping a present?? (...but remember to return it to the Library in a couple of weeks!)
  • Reading is relaxing, fun, and beneficial for you in so many ways!
  • Your real Valentine won't be upset if you also date a book.
When you begin to date someone, you should give the person a chance, right?! ...Go on a couple dates with him/her before possibly deciding you don't want to spend more time with that person. ...Same with a book! -- when you check a book out, please give it a chance; read at least a few chapters! You might be surprised : )

Love a book lover,
Ms. Stacia

[end email]

Wow. So... first of all - I crack myself up! Hahaha. I thought this was so cute and tried to make the email a bit funny (hopefully the students were able to read the email with my 'voice' and get what I was going for). I wasn't really sure how this was going to work out but figured I'd go for it.

I read about this idea last year but it was a bit late to implement in time for Valentine's Day. Then... I remembered mid-week this past week and thought, I still have time!

The email was sent just before upper school's two lunch periods... and when I returned from my lunch, Angela (elementary librarian) said that it was a MOB SCENE! (YESSSS!) I found a group of middle school girls in the elementary reading corner  each holding a book or two, exclaiming which book they got, which books of their friends' that they already love, and discarded wrapping paper was all over. SUCCESS!

One of the coolest parts is that, most of the books that each girl ended up choosing from just a few clues on the front, I would have personally chosen for them myself! Very cool. The girls were actually excited to begin reading their books... and are already asking if they can come back next week for more (Ummm... YES!).

So... middle school girls were won over by the Blind Date with a Book initiative. Perrrrrfect.

THEN... as I'm rapidly trying to wrap more books and restock the display... HIGH SCHOOL girls begin coming in. They love the idea, love the display, and each want to choose a book! WIN!

Some boys (middle AND high school) came by as well. They were all about the "Horror... not love" hinted books. A few went for other genres and all walked away happy. 

This. Feels. Awesome.   : )

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  1. Wow! Great initiative to get the kids interested in books and reading! You rock! I love your enthusiasm too!