Thursday, February 5, 2015


Today is the first day in Milan that I've really seen it SNOW!!

Last year there was one day with some flakes fluttering down... and apparently it recently snowed one day over the winter break while I was in New York... but today it's been snowing since mid-morning and hasn't stopped : )

Many people at school are talking about (and hoping for) a snow day tomorrow... I'm not sure that's going to happen... but we can hope! A three-day weekend would be lovely.

For now - it was great to have after school activities canceled (as that meant I left school at 4:00pm instead the usual 5:30pm) - so nice to be home while it's still light out! Below are a couple photos that I took from my apartment this afternoon:

ALSO... I went into school early this morning to play badminton with the high school kids. So fun!!!

I haven't played badminton since PE class in high school... I had to be reminded of how the game / rules / points work... but I did pretty well! I played a total of 6 games, actually won the majority of them, was done by 8:30am, ...and rewarded myself with a marmellata brioche. Mmmmhmmmm.   : )

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