Thursday, April 2, 2015

Jesolo Trophy Gymnastics Competition - INDIVIDUAL FINALS

Sunday of the Jesolo gymnastics competition was the individual finals. The top 6 girls on each event from the previous days competed once again.

Arriving during warm-ups, I was able to see the U.S. girls all warming up and practicing, whether they were competing that day or not. It was fun to see them a bit more relaxed.

Gabby Douglas has quite the over-split! ...and she's just sitting there hanging out  :P

Laurie Hernandez, USA junior gymnast, hugging her coach after her floor routine (she won 1st place!)

The participants lined up before each event to present themselves. Shown below are the seniors girls that qualified for the balance beam (on the left) and the junior girls (on the right).

The gorgeous Alyssa Baumann on the balance beam for USA:

Another one of Alyssa Baumann:

Ahhhhh - the impressive Simone Biles in her ending pose on the floor exercise:

Aly Raisman competed a new floor routine for the first time. It's gorgeous! -- Traditional Russian music. Shown below, she is in her starting pose, ready to begin:

I took over 50 videos too (YEAH!)... I'm going to attempt to put something together with some of my favorites together to show the amazing gymnastics from the weekend. ...Coming soon...

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