Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Marta Karolyi and the girls - Jesolo Trophy

I really enjoyed seeing Marta Karolyi at the Jesolo gymnastics meet. She is currently the National Team Coordinator for USA Gymnastics. I remember when her husband, Bella, came to GTC (Gymnastics Training Center in Rochester, NY - where I grew up doing gymnastics for 14 years)... He came with Dominique Moceanu and I was starstruck by both of them!!

It was really cool to be so close to Marta at the Jesolo Trophy competition and watch her coach and watch her interact with the gymnasts and other coaches. I really like that this international competition includes some of the top gymnasts in the world but is held at a small venue.

Marta has a standard position seen often throughout the meet: standing with hands on hips or arms crossed and carefully observing every move.

I loved watching Marta's reaction to big skills or the end of a routine (and how it differed for a stuck landing or one with a big step at the end). A "Marta-nod" is a good thing and a big deal!

Marta, overseeing beam warm-ups for the Juniors: 

Marta, overseeing as gymnast as she competes on the vault:

Marta speaking with (and presumably congratulating) the junior gymnasts on a great competition:

Marta with her arm around Gabby Douglas at the end of the Seniors' competition:

Marta, hugging Simone Biles on Sunday as a congratulations for a GREAT floor routine, worth 1st place... finishing up her time competing in Jesolo!

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