Tuesday, March 31, 2015


I just had one of the best weekends!! The gymnastics competition in Lido di Jesolo was amazing.

I really liked that the Pala Arrex arena is small in size. I sat in the 6th row the first day and the 3rd row the second! It was pretty amazing to be SO close to these amazing gymnastics... and Marta Karolyi  : )

Two full days of gymnastics - yes, please! Growing up, this sport was a huge part of my life... for 14 years. It's fun to be back in 'that world' for a bit and watch the top gymnasts in the world... compete live and in person.

Local gymnasts from the area put on a beautiful opening act. Below are a couple pictures showing pride for Italy... they later included flags for each of the 5 countries participating. 

Countries competing included: USA, Canada, France, Australia, and the host: Italy

The loudest cheers were definitely for Italy... and Simone Biles (of the U.S.).
The crowd was very supportive of the U.S. gymnasts though. They are top in the world (and ended up winning this competition). One young fan was all about supporting the American gymnasts!...

This girl's sign was my favorite - it says: Team USA, you slay.

Fans crowding the U.S. girls as they attempt to board the bus at the end of the day:

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