Sunday, March 22, 2015

Malmaison Hotel, London

Leaving Bournemouth, I took the train up to London. I spent the night in the city before my flight the next day. This was my first time back to London since the job fair - where I signed on for my current job in Milan! I really like London and was happy to be back.

I had booked a hotel for one night. I used and found a great deal on a hotel that looked really nice and had a good price. (Looking at this hotel again, the price has tripled! I'm not sure why there was a deal when I was there, but very happy that that was the case.)

The Malmaison in London is gorgeous. It is in a small square very close to the Barbican metro station and within walking distance to the river and many sights.

I've splurged on nice accommodations before, especially while living in Southeast Asia and gorgeous places were so affordable. The Malmaison was gooooorgeous. The room was eloquent and comfortable AND had an espresso machine!

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