Wednesday, March 18, 2015

the English language

The week was perfect. SO nice to spend time with my friends, Jen and Nick, and be able to meet Baby Freddie.   : )   It was funny, too, to come across words and sayings that are either very British or very American. Some words we just didn't understand! For example, I asked if water from the faucet was ok to drink... Nick had no idea what the word 'faucet' meant. (They say tap.)

Nick saw me posting photos to Facebook early one morning (I was still in bed)...
so then sent me the following message:
I had brought a percolator, Italian coffee, and a frother with me for them to have... and I had been making the three of us coffees each morning. His message (and the insult of lazy toe rag) made me laugh out loud!

At another point during the week, I was telling Jen about making my own pickles.
Only to find out that she didn't know what a pickle is.
...Funny finding out various words and differences that I didn't expect!
So... I searched on Google images...

Purchasing my train ticket from Bournemouth to London, I was able to choose my title... not just from Mr. Mrs. Ms. Miss... but plenty of other (fun!) titles... Dame, Lady, Lord... I ended up choosing Professor S. Maiorani.   : )

A humorous sign on the train's toilet!

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