Sunday, March 15, 2015

Westbourne, Dorset visit

Jen, Freddie, and I went to Westbourne one morning for a walk, some shopping, and a 'soft play' cafe for Freddie. This town, not far from Bournemouth, is really cute. We parked by the sea and walked a mile or so to the center of Westbourne:

We found this great arcade of shops and cafes. Funny enough, I had been looking for a specific shop and it ended up being in this arcade that we walked down only because we thought it looked interesting!

After window shopping along the main street, we went to a soft play cafe. These soft play cafes are quite the thing! Each town seems to have at least one. It's basically what I would call a mini Discovery Zone from when I was a kid - or the McDonalds with the big playgournd section inside... the kids can climb and play... and the adults can sit and have a coffee and delicious treat. ...Ok!\

The goooorgeous window inside the soft play cafe! (I think it is an old church building.)

Freddie and I both enjoyed a snack (he, a banana... me, a latte) before he and Jen went off to play.

A nice reminder painted on the wall in the cafe:

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