Sunday, March 8, 2015

friends in town make me happy

I was lucky enough to have more friends visit Milan this past weekend! Sarah and Michael were in Milan for one night - they had been traveling for the week... Budapest, Vienna, Venice, and Milan... before heading back to Ukraine, where they are working in an international school. Sarah was my closest friend in Vietnam and she is the one that I went to visit last April in Kathmandu, Nepal!

It was so, so nice to have time with Sarah and Michael : )  I met them at the Duomo after school Friday. We came back to my place in Opera, had dinner at Lo Chalet, went to the Opera market Saturday morning, to a cafe for coffee and brioche, and then made our way to the Cadorna train station for them to make the flight from MXP back to Kiev.

Sarah and Michael were lucky to have goooorgeous weather while in Milan!
And Michael was excited to see the "football pitch" from my balcony...


A visit to the dairy vending machine in Opera after dinner.

Sarah and Michael are both from England - I hope to see them again this summer if I get there for a visit!

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