Sunday, March 15, 2015


We had a week off from school a couple weeks ago. The break is called White Week... we get a week off to go skiing. (I kid not.) !!

Instead of a trip to the mountains for skiing, I went on a trip to the seaside to visit friends.   : )   It was the perfect week.

Jen and Nick were two of my good friends while I lived in Vietnam. We were there for the same two years. Nick is a teacher and taught in a British international school. Jen was the librarian at the same school their first year in Vietnam and then began working in an art gallery the second year. Since moving back to England, they have had a baby! Freddie is SO cute. I've been waiting a while to meet him and the week with him, Jen, and Nick was awesome. They live in a beautiful little town called Bournemouth, which is on the southern coast of England.

Jen, standing in front of their gorgeous home! ...AND... gotta love the yellow camper van.
I remember emailing back and forth while they were looking for a house. Jen and Nick both really loved this one and I am so glad that it worked out. Jen even has a little detached art studio in the back!

A 7-minute walk from their house brings you here. YES, PLEASE!
(The white spot on the land out a bit, towards the left side of the photo above, looks like a polar bear! Very cool to see in person.)

I want one of these as my reading nook! People can buy or rent these adorable little cabins on the seafront. They vary in size but most have a little kitchen area, seating area, and some have a bed up top. I love it!

The Boscombe Pier:

Mmmmhmmmmm. Delicious hot chocolate with marshmallows! I like it here.

We laughed over this photo for a while! (notice Freddie's head...??)

We walked through a bit of rain on the way back to their house... but it did clear up. The sunset and the double rainbow were goooorgeous!

The view ahead of us:

The view behind us:

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