Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Jesolo Trophy Gymnastics Competition - JUNIORS

I purchased tickets for the Jesolo Trophy gymnastics meet... to see the senior gymnasts compete and then the individual finals the next day. Awesome enough -- the junior gymnasts' competition was free and open to the public!

Basically - that means that I watched gymnastics from 9:30am - 8:00pm on Saturday, with a two-hour break over the lunch time. Perrrrrfect.

Below are some of my favorite photos that I snapped during the juniors' warm-up and competition:

The 6 U.S. junior girls lined up and ready to compete:

A bit blurry since she's in (fast!) motion... but can you see the pink leotard above the coach in the red t-shirt towards the middle of the photo below?? -- the flying girl is doing a release move and, believe it or not, going to re-catch the bar from there! This is during warm-ups... the rest of the girls await their turn.

Team USA lined up to present themselves to the judges for balance beam:

Team USA - junior girls... huddling after completing all four events

1st place!

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