Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Christchurch, England

Jen had told me what a nice town Christchurch was - we could see it across the way during the first portion of our Mudeford walk. It really is a cute town. We strolled through the bits shown below in photos... and then walked up the main street, window shopping. We ended our visit at a nice restaurant/cafe and had a couple treats before heading back home. It was a gorgeous day! (I was really lucky with weather the entire week for the most part - until the last day, it was "chucking it down" as Jen and Nick would say when it poured rain... of course, right when I was on my way to the train with my luggage.)

Jen and Freddie:

Jen called these snowdrops (finding them on Wikipedia, they are also called Galanthus):

Sidewalk patterns:

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