Friday, March 27, 2015

talk about the OFF SEASON - Lido di Jesolo

Lido di Jesolo is about 30 km away from Venice. It is along a stretch of beach and is mostly built around tourism... but not this time of year!

I had a feeling that the end of March was still too early to be considered part of the 'season' here - so I've come packed with food and my own water... just in case. I'm glad I did. I was able to find a pizzeria open for dinner (a great one, actually) but, overall, this place feels deserted. I kind of like it.  : P

During the summer season (May - August) this place is packed. There are hotels all over, as well as shops, cafes, and restaurants.

Right now, everything is closed up (like... pretty much boarded up). I even saw an arcade that has all of its games pushed together in the middle of the big room and the claw machines have no toys inside... just empty.

The hotel's pool is definitely off duty...

Most hotels are all completely closed...

Shops boarded up...

Most hotels are closed in this area. -- And I think I might be the only person in the hotel I'm staying at. It's a bit weird. For what I am paying each night, it's probably not worth them being open... nor for preparing whatever the "free breakfast" is going to consist of tomorrow morning. When I got to my room, the fridge was unplugged and the place smelled of chlorine.

I'm interested to see how things are closer to the arena tomorrow when I walk down.

The pizza place is about 3 blocks from my hotel and it was listed on Wikitravel as a good place for pizza. It was delicious - but the best part was the inside of the place! The name of the pizzeria is Ristorante Mille Luce, which translates to the One thousand lights. There are lights and lamps all over the place... as well as pretty much everything else you can think of! License plates line one wall; keys are on another; old fashioned cash registers labeled with lire; buddhas... etc. etc. It was chaotic in an artsy and cozy way.

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