Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Jesolo Trophy Gymnastics Competition - SENIORS

Saturday afternoon was the team competition for the senior girls. The USA team was amazing! (...and won 1st place.)

Included on the team were Olympic gymnasts from the 2012 team: Gabby Douglas, Kyla Ross, and Ali Raisman - all vying for a spot on the 2016 Olympic team. I was most excited, however, to see Simone Biles. She is the current (two-time!) World Champion and is really amazing... and consistent! She somehow does ever move better, higher, and stronger than everyone else. She even has a move named after her on floor - The Biles is a double layout half.

Team USA

Gabby Douglas warming up on the uneven bars:

Pretty cool to see so many of these girls in person... in the same room...
Above, you can see Marta Karolyi, Ali Raisman, Kyla Ross, Simone Biles, and (ready to go on beam) Gabby Douglas... plus plenty more. Yeah!

The evening ended with Team USA winning gold.
'Gold' at the Jesolo Trophy in Italy includes a golden Venetian mask as the trophy...
...and Murano glass necklaces instead of medals for individual awards... very cool.

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  1. Oh my! Their trophies and individual awards being Venetian masks and Murano glass is awesome! How perfect with the meet so close to Venice!!! Lucky you for being there!