Sunday, May 24, 2015

enjoying Milano

Below are some photos from recent times and some not-so-recent times... all around Milan:

I took this early morning photo as I walked across the Piazza del Duomo to get from the tram to the metro... on my way to the airport when I went to Uzbekistan for a week!

We have had some rainy days but, overall, it has been a beautiful spring!
Rainy Duomo with tram lines:

I really like the Cadorna train station. It is small and easy to get to within the city. This is the train station that I use to connect to the Malpensa airport.
Gae Aulenti designed the area in front of the station. She passed away in 2012 but did some cool projects - read about her on the Wikipedia page here.

There is also a sculpture installed in the piazza at Cadorna, which I love. It is a needle, thread, and knot (Ago, Filo, e Nodo). The sculpture begins in one area of the piazza and, seemingly, goes underground to thread through the ground and come up in another area. Very cool.

Carrie and I sporting our neon colors and neon lights for a teacher's birthday celebration.

 A group of girls from school got together for a potluck brunch on a long weekend when we stayed in town. (This was a while ago...)

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