Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Friends in Uzbekistan!

It was really nice to have a travel buddy while I went to Uzbekistan. Usually I don't mind traveling alone but this was a nice trip to have a buddy with. Jaime (left below) currently lives in Copenhagen, Denmark but we know each other from working at Camp Stella Maris in Upstate New York together years ago.

Donna (middle below) and I worked together for two years in Vietnam at an international school there. We became good friends and it was great to be able to see her, catch up with her, and see where she's been living!

Catching up with a great friennnnnnnnd!
So, so good to see Donna. She is currently living in Tashkent and teaching as the elementary art teacher at the international school there.

Ohhh you know, just paying for supper:

We were stopped on the street and interviewed/filmed/photographed by these students:

Our new friends... and the random guy that continuously insisted Donna was my mom:

I'm a fan of reflection selfies:

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