Monday, November 16, 2015

Szechenyi Thermal Bath - Budapest

There are a number of thermal baths throughout Budapest. The one that seemed to keep coming up as the top recommendation was the Szechenyi Thermal Bath. Carrie and I went there... and loved it! What an experience.

Szechenyi has the most indoor and outdoor pools out of all the baths and spas in Budapest. The pools range in temperature - there is usually a sign posted nearby letting you know the temperature before you get in. The sign often even tells you a time range of how long to stay in.

Our tour guide the day before on the walking tour said that people can get a prescription from their doctor for the baths and then get a large discount on the entry fee!

I read a bit about visiting the baths before going on the weekend trip. I'm glad that I packed a camping towel and flip flops (as well as, of course, a swimsuit). My favorite were definitely the outdoor pools.

The buildings were stunning. I love the yellow buildings with while columns against the blue/green water.

The pool shown below even had a whirlpool built in!

A couple of the indoor pools are shown below. Each room was different.

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