Tuesday, April 5, 2016

A-Basin mountain time, Colorado

Wow. I really need to make this blog more of a priority... but with a full-time job, trying to fit in travels along with that, aaaand preparing to move back to the States (and find a JOB!)... I just haven't kept up.

I've been on two rather big travel trips since being home in the States over the winter holidays... so I want to finish up my winter holiday times and share my travels (including southern Italy in the Puglia region and, most just last week: traveling to Luxemourg, Strasbourg, and Amsterdam!).

OK ---- Go! ---->

While in Colorado after the lovely New Year spent up in Estes Park, I got to go on another mountain trip with my brother, Lenny, to A-Basin! He went snowboarding for the morning, so I decided to practice the sport that I invented years ago: high altitude reading (hahaha).

I love a trip to the mountains! On this one, I took the chairlift part-way up the mountain, went into the lodge, put my slippers on, and read.   : )  Perrrrfection.

Lenny came and got me mid-way through the morning and I rode another chairlift all the way to the top of the mountain. What a glorious view!! We were overlooking the other side of the mountain (from where we had parked and gone up). I love taking in an amazing view.


I was the ONLY person riding the chairlift DOWN. Hahaha. In passing, one guy actually called out to me: "Enjoying the view, eh?!" Haha. It was a great morning -- although I wish I had packed/worn more than just jeans and my rain boots.

Also on my way down, I was able to watch Lenny in action -- that was cool. He stopped every now and then to wait up for me to pass on the chairlift, which was moving much slower than he was.

I had just decided the night before to get up early and go with Lenny on this jaunt -- afterwards, I realized that we should have at least called our brother, Sean, to see if he'd be free and want to meet up there too! ...Next time, Sean!

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