Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Winter Concert - Santa Maria delle Grazie

Soooooo my school's winter concert was in the Santa Maria delle Grazie -- which is the church where THE The Last Supper is! The Last Supper is painted on a walk within the refectory building, attached to the church. Amazing!

The entire program was absolutely stunning. The choir, string orchestra, and band played. The mix of holiday music was well done and I am always so impressed with the students' talents. I was blown away. All of this, within such a great structure -- the inside of this church is very beautiful.

The pictures above were taken by staff at school and posted onto ASM's social media sites -- they are not my pictures. The two below are ones that I took during the concert with my phone : )

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  1. Stunning. What a venue! Another experience you could only have while you're in Italy!