Saturday, August 31, 2013


My first night in Milan we went to a returning teacher's apartment for an aperitivo. It was really nice of her to have everyone over. There was a variety of dishes to pick and choose from. Mmmmm the olives... prosciutto around cantaloupe... mmmmmm.

The next night, we were in the city and went to a bar for an aperitivo. You buy a drink and then can eat as much as you want... usually around 9 or 10 euro. It's great... my kind of eating! I like a smorgasbord of foods to snack on.

I ordered a Pimm's Cup.
Refreshing and delicious!

A spread of snacks...

On the weekend we went up to Belaggio... a small mountain town on Lake Como.
We ate in a wine cellar and some of us shared a cheese and cold-cut plate.

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  1. You've already been to COMO!!! Wow Stacia, you waste no time!!