Friday, August 30, 2013


I did not think that it would take me this long to post to the blog! ...but I've been extremely busy with school. Today is Friday... and students come on Monday! The library is looking pretty good (still a ton I feel I want to do) and I think I will love living here.  : )

After a 4-hour delay for my flight from Denver to Newark, I missed my connection... was put in a hotel for the night in Newark... and THEN was on my way to Milan the following evening. It was pretty crappy missing my first day of work and not being there when all the other new teachers met one another... but really, all is well.

This school seems wonderful. Everyone is not only nice and welcoming... but also not afraid to give positive feedback. I like that.

In this first blog post since being in Milan... I'm going to post some photos of the beautiful view from my balcony  : D

This one is looking to the right... which is the direction of school.
AND the direction of the Alps! On a clear day I should be able to see them  : )

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