Sunday, January 25, 2015

a Sunday of bicycles, laughter, and mishaps!

My friend, Mary, and I rode our bicycles from Certosa di Pavia back to Opera di Milano (where we live).

We started in a lovely pasticceria/cafe in Opera for a cappuccino... then were going to ride out to the Locate train station, take that to Certosa di Pavia... and then ride back. ...We did make it in the end but had some mishaps along the way!

First - the chain on my bike fell off (right as we were leaving the pasticceria. We had to go back to my apartment to get a screwdriver to fix the chain.

We then got to the train station and went up the wrong steps... ending up on the wrong track for the train... soooo we carried our bikes down again and over : P

When purchasing our train tickets, I noticed that one option was for a bicycle - a supplemental charge... so I bought two of those. Laterrrrrr, I realized that I bought our bikes tickets... but not ourselves! Hahaha. I thought it was odd that the machine never asked where we were going. Sheesh.

There was also a tunnel going under a highway at one point... completely flooded with water. I decided to go through it, attempting to push the bike's pedal each time it came UP... but in the end, my feet got a bit wet. It could have ended up so much worse - there was probably about a foot of water and, thankfully, I didn't fall off the bike and into that.  : P

Mary is a great friend, with whom I laugh a lot with whenever we're together... and not only when we're telling silly jokes! Today was a lot of fun... and great exercise. I expected our ride to be about 20km but it ended up 30. Our bums are both a bit sore!

The day was gorgeous... especially for the end of January! (HOW is it already the end of January?!)

Fixing my bike chain:

(Mom, Dad, and Sean - this is the huge monastery we saw from the train on our way to and from Pavia!)

Gorgeous mountain views basically the entire way!

I biked through this...
Mary, intelligently, did not.

...And then I came home and had THIS view...   : )


  1. Sounds like fun! Just FYI... there's a ramp to ride your bike up and down at the train station instead of using the stairs! (Look who's talking! The first time I went to Locate I couldn't even find the ramp OR tunnel, I rode your bike down the highway to get to town!)

    1. Haha, yes! We ended up taking the ramp for the correct side of the tracks... but is there a ramp for the other side??? - the 'other side' I mean is if heading into the city (instead of toward Pavia)... I'll have to check it out more next time I'm over there.