Saturday, January 24, 2015

Switzerland for basketball

Well... it's been over a month since I've posted - whoops! Back at it...

Yesterday afternoon I went with the girls' basketball team up to Lugano, Switzerland for their game.

That's right... they go to Switzerland for a high school basketball game! Very, very cool. Although I've been living in Europe for a year and a half now, it still amazes me that I can travel to other countries so easily... and that I would need to pack my passport for a high school sports game.

I went with the boys' JV and varsity teams last Friday... it was a very gray, rainy day then. Yesterday was gorgeous with blue sky and sunshine! Below are some pictures that I took during the bus ride on our way up:

Heading into the Alps!

Lake Lugano:

Lake Lugano:

And the game...

Not only did I got to Switzerland and back in one evening... but I also made it back in time to catch the last 20 minutes or so of ASM's first improv show! A lovely Friday night indeed.   : )

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