Saturday, January 31, 2015

family holiday get-togethers

It was really nice to go home to Upstate New York for the winter holidays! Usually I see some of my relatives when I visit each summer, but since this visit was around the winter holidays and get-togethers were already planned, I got to see pretty much everyone!

Christmas Day at the Smith's!

Hanging out at Grandma's in Buffalo for the evening

Being able to meet my college friend Erin's baby girl was great!!
So glad a visit worked out... Erin, baby Marley, and Jess stopped by my Grandma's:

Jess, me, Marley, Erin   : )

The next night, I was able to see Jess again - and another good friend from college - Heather. It was really nice to be able to have some time with them! (Heather visited me while I lived in Vietnam! We traveled with my cousins to Thailand during the Tet holiday.)

New Year's Eve at the Delforte's!

At the Pizzingrilli's for New Year's Day...
...waiting in line for the second round of Aunt Ann's gnocchi  : )

Big grins for home-cooked Italian food!

Cousin Aubrielle's first birthday party!

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