Saturday, December 20, 2014

heading home for the holidays...

Milan is gorgeous and festive around the winter holiday time...

Gorgeous sunsets on a clear day (this one was taken at the Vigentino bus stop)...

The view of the Christmas tree of lights from my apartment:

And get-togethers with friends!
Carrie had a bunch of us over for a lovely brunch at the end of a recent three-day weekend:

I've enjoyed the past few weeks... but now am excited to head HOME for the holidays!

I haven't spent a Christmas in New York in about 7 years and am really looking forward to the time in Rochester with family and friends. My suitcase is packed... and it's mostly all gifts and little yummy things from Italy and my recent travels through Europe... I was also able to stuff some clothes in there but might end up wearing some of Mom's!

Rochester, here I coooooooome!

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