Sunday, December 14, 2014

day on bikes! - Copenhagen

Jaime didn't have to work on Saturday and she planned a number of great things for us to do and see. She has gotten to know the owner of a bike rental shop near her apartment and he let us borrow bikes for the day (so sweet!!). He liked Jaime a lot - she has a beautiful vintage bike and has gotten everything for it (and its up-keep) from this guy.

We bundled up... got the bikes set... and were off to explore Copenhagen!

After a yummy coffee and brioche stop at a cute cafe, we biked to the bakery shown below and met up with one of Jaime's friends... for a Danish cake (similar to a pop tart)... mmmhmmmm... shaping up to be a lovely morning!

With our pop tart cakes in hand, we left our bikes locked up on the sidewalk and walked across the street to Assistens Cemetery (Kirkegard). The history of this cemetery is interesting (read more by clicking the link above)... it originated in 1760 for people that maybe could not afford to be buried within the walled city... but then prominent people (like Hans Christian Anderson!) were buried here in the early 1800's. Today, the cemetery also acts like a park... being a lovely, peaceful green space within the city.

The tree-lined entrance to the cemetery:

THIS guy cracked me up. His head is so small compared the rest of him. ...Looks like he's getting plenty to eat in the cemetery...

We walked around the cemetery, from Hans Christian Anderson's grave, and walked around some more... until our toes were too cold and we decided to find someplace warm.

Ohhh my goodie goodness. Deliciousness in a bowl! We stopped in a cozy cafe for a warm lunch and I loved my meal... it was a very flavorful kale risotto with lemon and other goodness mixed in. I want more... now!

After the delicious and warm lunch stop, we biked to Christiania... but that will soon get a post of its own...

The sun is setting around 4:00pm or so in Copenhagen this time of year... so it's nice to catch a sunset and still know that its early. BUT... it also made me sleep and, paired with the cold, ready to just cozy up in Jaime's apartment with pajamas on and my book   : P

Day on bikes!

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