Friday, December 12, 2014

Let's go to Copenhagen, Denmark!!

My first time using was quite a success! A friend told me that you can search on this site with your starting point (Milan), dates of travel (I was searching for the Thanksgiving break), and THEN... the best part... choose anywhere as your destination. WHOA. That is a cool feeling.

Both Copenhagen, Denmark and Budapest, Hungary came up as the cheapest flights from Milan for the long weekend. I would love to get to Budapest at some point... but this time around, I decided to go with Copenhagen because a friend lives there! She said that her friends even have a Thanksgiving get-together each year. Sounded great. ...and it was great.   : )

Heading to the Malpensa Airport (the main airport for Milan), I take the bus, tram, underground metro, and train... to then get to the plane! Sheesh. It works though : ) The train leaves every 30 minutes... not bad... but not great when I missed it by one minute (truly... one minute). I had thankfully planned enough time... and realized again how much I love living in Italy, as I sat with my Kindle and a cappuccino to wait for the next train. Perrrrrrfect. The trip was off to a great start!

Arriving in Copenhagen, I took public transportation (metro to bus) to head straight to the Thanksgiving get-together. Jaime, my friend from Camp Stella Maris, set me up with easy directions and I made it! It was funny when people at the party asked me when I arrived and I would answer with, "My bag is in the hallway right now!" Haha. The party was a great group of people... probably about half Danish / half foreigners. Lots of laughs to be had and we each shared what we are thankful for.

I'm definitely thankful for having this great weekend with two old friends! Jaime has lived in Copenhagen for a couple years now... and Lisa (another friend from Camp Stella Maris) is working on her Masters degree in northern Denmark... so she also came for the weekend!

Jaime, me, Lisa

After a yummy brunch the next morning, Jaime went to work... and Lisa and I walked around the center of the city for the day. What a great city. Expensive? YES. Cold? YES. ...Absolutely awesome? YES!!!

I've decided that I will probably fall in love with each of the Scandinavian countries. The travel list only gets longer!

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