Monday, December 8, 2014

Fall 2014 TRAVELS - map

Wow. ...Coming back to Italy from over a month spent in the States this past summer, I did not expect to be traveling so much. It has really been a wonderful Fall of work and travels.

I came back a week into August with time to travel before the school year started up... so a friend and I spent a few days with my Italian cousins in Alba Adriatica in Abruzzo - on the sea! We then took the train to Verona for my 30th birthday.

September came and my mom visited... we took a day-trip to Lugano, Switzerland. I'm still amazed at the places that I can get to from Milan in an hour or so by train.

A week after my mom's visit, I met back up with her (and my dad!) in Belgium for an international librarians' conference! We presented together and it was a really cool experience. We stayed in Brussels and were able to take a day-trip to Bruges as well.

Straight from my Belgium trip, I then took off for a week in Berlin, Germany for my school's Field Trips Week. 3 teachers... 1 guide... and 30 sixteen year-olds is one heck of a trip. I learned so much in Berlin and realized once again how fortunate I am to be doing what I'm doing right now in my life.

After Berlin I thought that I would have some 'down time' to just stay in Milan for a while... but then a trip to Spain came up! I was invited to participate in a new initiative with other librarians in Europe and because of this, I went to a conference in Seville and then a school visit in Madrid! Awesome.

...A couple weeks later (last weekend), I was off to Copenhagen, Denmark for the Thanksgiving break! I have this trip to post about next... and it was a really wonderful holiday weekend. I now want to get to more of the Scandinavian countries... I think I'm going to love them all.

Below is a map of my travels since mid-August... created with Google Maps...

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